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Can real fire fireplace glass be replaced by ordinary glass?

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Special glass is required. Ordinary glass is very dangerous. It should be known that even professional insulating glass has a high temperature during ignition.

Refractory glass must be used. Nothing else.

The types of fireplaces currently on the market are as follows: 1. According to the authenticity of the classification of real fire fireplaces, fireplaces (also known as decorative fireplaces, landscape fireplaces, fireplaces, electric fireplaces, hanging fireplaces) 2. According to the type of classification of wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, Alcohol fireplaces, pellet fireplaces, electric fireplaces3, according to the installation method to classify embedded fireplaces, type fireplaces4, according to the opening method to classify open fireplaces, semi-enclosed fireplaces, fully enclosed fireplaces5, according to material classification steel fireplaces, cast iron fireplaces, glass fireplaces 6. Classification of villa fireplaces, club fireplaces, hotel fireplaces, KTV nightclub fireplaces according to the room environment 7. Classification of modern fireplaces, traditional fireplaces, and classical fireplaces according to styles 8. Classification of customized fireplaces (customized fireplaces), special-shaped fireplaces, special fireplaces according to the production method 9. The above categories can be grouped into related categories such as: embedded real fire fireplace, embedded fireplace, embedded wood-burning fireplace, wood-burning fireplace, customized alcohol fireplace, customized gas fireplace, customized fireplace, etc.

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