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What is the sight glass?

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Glass sight glass is a special equipment used to observe the flow of liquid, gas, steam and other media. It is mainly used to observe and monitor production conditions. It is an indispensable component in chemical industry, metallurgy, steel mills, pipelines, etc.

The glass sight glass is a transparent window glass used under a certain temperature and pressure. Generally, high-quality heat-resistant glass is used as the raw material and processed through a special process. It has the characteristics of high transparency, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, and good chemical stability.

Basic performance of this paragraph

Softening temperature: 820℃~1750℃

Light transmittance: 80%~95%.

Chemical stability: water resistance: level 1, acid resistance: level 1, alkali resistance: level 2

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Industrial sight glass is mainly divided into high temperature resistant sight glass, high pressure resistant sight glass and high temperature and high pressure resistant glass. Each type of sight glass has its own unique properties.

High temperature resistant sight glass

The sight glass has excellent temperature resistance, can be used under various high temperature conditions without bursting, and has excellent heat resistance stability. It is a special glass for various high temperature windows or viewports.


Temperature resistance: 350℃~1500℃;

Thermal shock temperature: 180℃~1100℃;

Flexural strength: 80~220Mpa;

High pressure sight glass

The outstanding features of the sight glass are high compressive strength and bending strength, and stable mechanical properties. It is a special product for various high-pressure vessel sight glasses or windows.


High compressive strength: it can meet the working conditions under 1~30Mpa;

Flexural strength: 100~220Mpa;

High temperature and high pressure sight glass

The product can not only withstand a certain pressure, but also has good resistance to cold and heat, and will not burst in a rapid cold and hot environment.


High temperature resistance: the highest temperature can reach 1500℃.

Sight glass

The coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely small, equivalent to 1/12-1/20 of ordinary glass

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